Savio Rebelo is a senior level executive and strategic futurist with success delivering unmatched results at start-ups as well as rapidly-changing environments.  He has multi-industry and multi-national experience in diverse functional areas, which require deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries.  He has been successful in driving customer-focused and performance-driven change through businesses that resulted in creating stronger brands.

For nearly a decade until early 2013, he served in various key roles at Kumon North America, Inc., including Senior Vice President – Human Resources, SVP – US operations/COO and Northeast general manager.  At 38, he was the youngest executive to be appointed to a senior management position in the company.  In 2011, he along with the CFO and other key managers, conceived, designed and launched the Center Transformation Initiative (CTI) aimed at revamping all franchise stores from a loosely structured archaic operation to one that would welcome K-12 children into clean and safe education centers that delivered good quality instruction resulting in customer satisfaction.  From 2008-2011, he led the Northeast region consisting of 383 franchise stores across 13 states to break a 17-year growth record of over 24% and revenue in excess of $70M.  Between 2008 -2013 average selling price of a franchise location increased 24% from $86,000 to $106,000.  Average number of student customers increased 20% from 145 to 174 per store and number of stores increased 16% from 1305 to over 1500.  He also served on Kumon’s executive management team from 2008-2013.

Prior to Kumon, Savio Rebelo, various management roles at WebSci Technologies, Inc., between 1997 and 2003 under the leadership of its President, Mr. RS Tare.  Headquartered in New Jersey, WebSci Technologies, Inc., was a software development and consulting company with operations in the US, Russia, Romania and India and revenues in excess of $32M.  Its clients included Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Citi Group, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Lehman Bros. Its products included Saffron, DB Power, Ensiva 2.0 and various IVR solutions.

In April 1994, after completing his Masters in Management Studies from Goa University, India, Savio joined the investment banking company Integra Funds Management Limited and managed its operation in western India.  At Integra, he worked with major financial institutions on term loan/working capital syndication for industrial projects.  He also marketed Integra’s portfolio of investment products to high-net worth clients.

Savio is also involved in non-profits and support groups advocating child safety, prevention of child sexual abuse, cyber bullying and cyber harassment.  He also supports the growth of open educational resources (OER) truly believing that education is a basic human right.